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Stäubli Robotics Solutions:


Innovative Ways to Meet a Variety of Needs

Known worldwide for the quality of our design and innovation for more than a century, the Stäubli Group has brought its renowned engineering expertise and technological ingenuity to the forefront of robotics. Since 1982, we have built a highly regarded robotics business, and more significantly, transformed the way thousands of manufacturing operations perform. Today Stäubli Robotics is a leading player in robotics around the world, consistently delivering engineering as effective and reliable as our service and support.


GOA International specializes in the field of automation industry, tailor make solutions for customers :   Watches case polish automation.

From the world's first industrial robot Puma, to the full range of 4-axis and 6-axis robots, Stäubli with excellent mechanical properties and control technology, For the industrial automation rapidly grow, Stäubli constantly upgrade their skills, and always stay in a leading position. Faced with a wide range of automation needs, Stäubli provide professional flexible production solution with high reliability and good ease of use by end users in the universal praise and integrators.

All this stems from the realization of Stäubli robot mechanical structure and thanks to the innovative patented reducer, that ensuring the robot arm's accuracy and speed, while minimizing the robot working blind area, more efficient processing of space. Excellent mechanical properties, with a powerful and easy-to-specific software, making the overall program more economical and flexible. For single-robot or multiple robots platform , and multi-directional mobile platform. Multiple-robot collaboration can be achieved automatic loading and unloading systems, suitable for mass production.

Stäubli patented gear speed reduce system JCM, unique drive technology ensures unrivaled accuracy and speed control. Even a demanding small round, or complex three-dimensional graphic processing, also can be accurately and rapidly completed. Simple but powerful application-specific standard software that integrates robot motion control, data processing, and product management. Friendly interface, modular design, operator can be achieved to maximize system capacity for just a simple training , it also very easy to integrate. The theoretically life of Gear reduction system JCM's is 170 years.


Watch cases polishing RX90 robot


Stäubli robots with differentiated quality products and services, as many watch manufacturers and equipment integrators improve the efficiency and quality of choice. Include designer watch factory.



   Precise track control  






Stäubli Robotics unique force feedback functionality and high precision track control, make the high-end watches, grinding, polishing, mainly due to high pressure water deburring applications preferred. For example, the polishing surface accuracy up to  Ra 0.05 N2. In addition, fully enclosed design and highly rigid structure, low initial cost and low maintenance requirements and ease of operation, but also enable customers to integrate production, the various stages of post-maintenance access to higher overall cost effectiveness. 

  Finished Watch Case  

TX60 Car Handle Grinding Machine 







            Video Demonstration  


Chinese users have a wide variety of industrial robot applications, for different customers, their needs are unique. As automation solutions provider, have a customer perspective, should provide customers with high quality and stable and intelligent automation solutions, to meet customers from the technical application support, training, on-site maintenance and other needs.

As the world's only company that own research and development, also has an assembly robot reducer, Stäubli has the advantage is the core technology. Reducer is a key component that used in robot joints, it control the robot accuracy, flexibility and life of usage.

Depending on the needs of R & D makes a very big difference in product performance, product performance parameters of comparison, like a great precision, appearance, structure will be different. Stäubli accuracy, track control, making it unattainable performance with peers and effects. These significant differences make it easier for customers to accept, but also more recognized Stäubli products.

Low-cost, High output, Green has always been characterized by Stäubli robots, GOA International Limited as a strategic partner of Staubli in China, is dedicated to providing total solutions, and through continuous research and development so that solve programs more intelligent. GOA International will take care customer's production needs and tailor-made solutions for them.

GOA International not only focus on watches and car accessories polished areas, we also providing total solutions for a number of industrial enterprises in automation, providing customers with quality service, including a sound technical sales support, application support, training, on-site maintenance and remote diagnostics, etc., depending on the problem can be analyzed within a very short period of time to provide solutions reason. GOA International can provide application training and maintenance training of industrial robots, fully meet the needs of users at different levels of training. Customers can also arrange travel Staubli China headquarters training center for training, also at the scene Stäubli ubiquitous services.



   Video Demo 1 : Car Handles Polished 



   Video Demo 2 : Plating Line Handling 


   Other Demo Video 





   Metal 3D Printing Demo Video